About me

My route into natural language processing was somewhat non-traditional: I built up experience as a linguist, statistician, and programmer separately, then decided to combine the three through a PhD. My research interests are currently low-resource machine translation, parallel corpus creation and filtering at scale, and understanding data augmentation for low-resource neural machine translation. When I’m not doing my PhD, I like to climb Munros, practise jiu-jitsu, and play the melodeon (a.k.a. diatonic accordion).


2019 to present: PhD candidate in Natural Language Processing at University of Edinburgh
2013 to 2015: MSc in Economics at the University of Warwick
2009 to 2013: BA (Hons) in Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Cambridge


Laurie Burchell, Alexandra Birch, and Kenneth Heafield. “Exploring diversity in back translation for low-resource machine translation.” In Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop on Deep Learning Approaches for Low-Resource NLP (DeepLo 2022), upcoming. 2022.

Pinzhen Chen, Jindřich Helcl, Ulrich Germann, Laurie Burchell, Nikolay Bogoychev, Antonio Valerio Miceli-Barone, Jonas Waldendorf, Alexandra Birch, and Kenneth Heafield. “The University of Edinburgh’s English-German and English-Hausa submissions to the WMT21 news translation task.” In Proceedings of the Sixth Conference on Machine Translation, pp. 104-109. 2021.

Laurie Burchell, Jie Chi, Tom Hosking, Nina Markl, and Bonnie Webber. “Querent Intent in Multi-Sentence Questions.” In Proceedings of the 14th Linguistic Annotation Workshop, pp. 138-147. 2020.



Full CV available on request.